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Waterless Car Washes: The future of valeting?

1st November, 2016

Waterless Car Washes: The future of valeting?

With between 20 and 50 gallons of water used on a single car by professional car wash teams, the question of how long traditional car washing methods are going to viable in a world with rising concern for both expenditure and the environment is most certainly a valid one.

The need to reuse or reduce usage of water in an effort to tackle global warming is becoming increasingly apparent. The answer to this issue, in terms of car wash procedures at least, is the trend toward waterless car washes. Whilst these aren’t anything new, they provide a range of benefits, which mean that they could soon be the norm for professional valeters around the UK. These are just a few reasons why waterless car washing could and should be accepted as the future of valeting:

No more money down the drain

One of the biggest advantages of waterless cleaning is that it saves money on water usage. Windscreen repair company, Auto Windscreens, announced earlier this year that it was set to save around £80,000 through opting for waterless cleaning as opposed to the traditional methods. Swapping the sprayers for the simple microfibre cloth could have a positive impact on profits. 

A great finish for less

One misconception that is prevalent is that waterless cleaning agents are more likely to damage the paintwork of the car. This, however, should not be the case with the correct equipment and necessary skill and training. An effective waterless product will not compromise results in any way when used correctly.

Protect the environment

Conserving water not only saves money but, critically, benefits the environment as well. Through using waterless options there is less chance of causing water pollution issues, as there is no liquid overflow produced. In contrast, water from high-pressure sprays can mix with chemicals or exhaust residue and harm natural water sources. 

Lightweight & mobile

One of the major advantages of waterless car washes is just how mobile they are. No longer do valeting companies have to haul heavy hoses or sprayers to jobs throughout the country. Now all they need to pack are quality cleaning agents, waxes and cloths. This saves time that be used to deliver a quality service to dealership forecourts, improving both efficiency and profit line.

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