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Thinking Ahead: The Need for Proactive Valeting

18th January, 2017

Thinking Ahead: The Need for Proactive Valeting

There are few things worse than being made to feel like a deer in the headlights. 

We’ve found that this is a common frustration that dealer principals have with their valeting service. For instance:

  • Complaining to your current contractors to resolve a growing backlog of dirty cars they should already have in hand
  • Faulty equipment has derailed your service whilst you seek to replace or repair them
  • A sudden intake of stock has left staff overwhelmed and underprepared

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? Making that forlorn call to your valeting contractors is something most dealer principals would prefer to avoid, whether it’s an occasional frustration or a recurring problem. Certainly, disasters can arrive from out of the blue that few would see coming, but the common issues listed above should be planned for well in advance.

Failing to do this indicates a reactive approach to valeting. That word sends shudders down our spine, as even a temporary setback that wasn’t considered in advance can cost dealerships thousands of pounds. If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail, and when you’re getting cars ready for the forecourt it could significantly influence your profit margins.

At the NCC, we push a proactive attitude – examining every potential pitfall and planning for it well in advance.

Why Think Ahead?

A proactive approach is fundamental to offering the best valeting service. With an ever-fluctuating calendar of footfall, stock intake and sales, lacking a forward-thinking attitude can pile on the problems. So, instead of waiting for problems to arise and then acting on them, employing a valeting team that thinks ahead means these improvements will be in place before they’re required. After all, you always want to be in the driver’s seat. 

Consider the burdensome backlog of dirty cars mentioned earlier. If you have a good idea of when stock intake increases, your valeting team can arrange for additional staff and equipment to be on hand. Forecasting for these fluctuations eliminates the need for knee-jerk reactions – instead, you can rest assured the ebbs and flows of your service have been catered for.

Plus, a proactive approach means hypothetical problems are thoroughly prepared for. Being reactive is playing a dangerous game – when an obstruction arises, it could mean a simple fix, or a calamity nobody saw coming. Thinking proactively means the most common problems affecting your valeting service are in hand, allowing for more time to consider solutions when the unexpected happens. Taking steps early will save you significant time and money going forward.

Putting Proactivity Into Practice

Now, taking a proactive approach to valeting is not as easy as flipping a switch. Frankly, it takes a lot of experience and familiarity with the key issues facing dealerships and the automotive businesses to truly be considered proactive. The National Car Cleaning Company has been establishing systems to prevent problems from arising for over 30 years, meaning we have the understanding necessary to coordinate a valeting service that is bespoke to a business’ needs.

To be proactive, you need to bear in mind prominent concerns that can affect the valeting service in dealerships. Ask yourself:

  • How will changes in the auto market affect the service I require?
  • Do I have the staff necessary to manage times of increased stock?
  • Am I aware of developments in valeting that could save by business time or money?
  • Have I put systems in place to ensure all stock is cleaned at the right time?

ValetData is an example of our proactivity in practice. Our workflow management system allows dealer principals to easily map out their valeting schedules every day, rectifying the issues of staff shortages and repeat washes. This demonstrates the benefits of a proactive approach, putting in measures to prevent costly problems.

When selecting a dealership valeting service, it’s vital to pinpoint one that displays a proactive approach. This makes for an uncomplicated time in your dealership for the foreseeable future. You will no longer having to fret over frantic phone calls to fix an issue, as plans will already be in place to remedy it. 

For a proactive attitude towards your valeting service, you can rely on the NCC. With decades of experience supporting dealerships and auto franchises throughout the UK, our dedicated team guarantee exceptional service. Our mission statement is to become an extension of your business, tailoring our package to suit your needs. Get in touch with us today on 01268 56 50 50 or email