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Planning ahead for busy periods in dealerships

10th October, 2016

Planning ahead for busy periods in dealerships

Over the month of August new car registrations were up for the second consecutive month, a fact that flies in the face of predictions that the uncertainty caused by Brexit would have a negative impact on sales on Britain’s automotive industry. This is a good sign for September’s sales stats, which is typically one of the busiest times of year for any car dealership.

Of course, March and September are plate-changing months and are therefore buoyant periods for dealerships across the country. If last year’s figures are any reflection on this year’s, we can expect to see a big increase in sales during this period, in line with the release of the new ‘66’ number plate.

The stats from last year depicted that 462,500 new cars were registered over the course of September, which was up 485 per cent on the previous month. This is indicative of the level of interest there is in models with a new plate, and the great discounts that are on offer in line with this time of year.

With the increase in footfall that dealerships will inevitably see during the busier months of March and September before slight declines towards the summer and Christmas periods, it’s important to make the most of these periods. Therefore, it’s critical that dealer principals consider effective planning techniques to allow their staff to reach their sales targets and the business can prosper.

The Power of Planning 

Planning your manpower effectively can be one of the most important elements when it comes to potential sales. During quieter times, it’s common for full-time staff to have some crossover in roles at the dealership, perhaps taking on more office-based duties or maintenance roles when the forecourt is quiet. However, when the forecourts are seeing large footfall, it’s key to business that these staff be out in full force pushing those sales.

Consequently, with the in-house team fully focused on sales, standards in other areas of the dealership can suffer. This is where hiring external support can help. While dealerships often focus on being as lean as possible, this can impact on customer satisfaction if you are not careful. 

By planning ahead and choosing to outsource some essential services, such as valeting, at times you know you will be busy, you can strike the balance between achieving good sales figures and maintaining a high level of customer service. This external support allows your in-house team to focus on what they do best: selling.

Through outsourcing, you can not only make sure your own staff are exactly where they need to be, but also be in the knowledge that you have flexibility during those quieter periods. By choosing this option, you are not tied to the expense of hiring and maintaining a full-time member of staff who may be surplus to requirements at certain times of the year.

In addition, you save yourself the significant expense of training that member of staff by hiring experienced professionals as and when you need them. By planning to outsource, you can ensure that you’re delivering a service of the highest standard throughout every stage of the sales process, and keep customers returning year after year.

When it comes planning for busy periods, having back-up support in mind is key to success. At the National Car Cleaning Company we are proud to work alongside dealerships to deliver an exceptional level of service when it is needed the most. To find out more, get in touch with by emailing