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How a professional valeting service can boost your dealership’s CSI

23rd November, 2016

How a professional valeting service can boost your dealership’s CSI

Since it was established in 2008, the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) is a concept that dealership principals will have become incredibly familiar with. These rates are of huge significance as they indicate the overall satisfaction of your customers, and happy customers only mean good things for businesses – 95% of customers who are satisfied with a service are likely to return.

However, it is not only customer retention that benefits from a high CSI rating. A good rating can also impact the level of stock a dealership receives, so it’s key that principals stay aware of their ratings and think about ways in which they can improve it. This is where contract valeting comes in. By providing additional services as standard, such as courtesy washes, you can offer customers great value for money and therefore keep their custom. This is an easy way to improve satisfaction without impacting heavily on profit. 

A Courtesy Wash

Offering customers the additional service of a courtesy wash after they’ve had their car serviced can be an effective way to enhance your dealerships CSI rating. This goes above and beyond the expectation of the client when they have their car serviced. However, it can be a considerable expense to hire and maintain an in-house team purely for this purpose.

By outsourcing to a contract valeting company, your dealership has a team of experts on hand when required, meaning that the profit margins of your company are not affected. Furthermore, you can be reassured that these teams already have access to the best equipment and a high level of expertise. This means that there is little investment required on your behalf and helps ensure the finish of the job will be of the highest standard.

An Upgraded Service

In addition to courtesy washes, contract valeting offers the opportunity to strategically improve your CSI rating. At the National Car Cleaning Company, we have been promoting an upgrade to Wonderwax, adding further shine to a clean. While these steps may cost a little more to implement, they can be hugely valuable in ensuring your customers walk away fully satisfied and that you’re constantly a step ahead of the competition.

Professional Appearance

Staff competence is high on the list of what customers are looking for from a business. When you use a contract valeting team, you can be assured that you have fully trained experts who present a professional image to your clientele and already know the intricacies their field. This cost-effective solution is a smart way to improve the presence of your dealership without spending further time and money training an in-house team to the same standard.

The National Car Cleaning Company has worked alongside car dealerships for over 30 years and helping them to raise their CSI ratings. If you are interested in learning more about our exceptional valeting services and how we support auto dealers, contact us via email at