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Cleaning up your schedule for a healthy work-life balance

30th May, 2017

Cleaning up your schedule for a healthy work-life balance

In the eternally hectic automotive industry, maintaining a healthy work-life balance always proves a problem. Whether you are manufacturing the latest vehicles or selling them on forecourts across the UK, playing a role in the prosperous automotive sector can prove hazardous for your home life. 

Thanks to the record-setting pace of vehicle registrations in the first half of 2017, there is significant pressure on motor traders. With valeting teams spread throughout the country, we are aware of the strain on dealerships recent demand has caused. Our teams offer effective support for dealer principals through efficient car cleaning, allowing them to direct their focus to running their business and maintaining a healthy life outside of it. 

But others could benefit from tapping the brakes in areas of their business. Over-working can easily become a detriment to the quality of work, particularly in the motor trade, which relies so much on precision, time management and customer service. You might beat yourself up about taking breaks from your business when, in fact, the complete opposite scenario is far worse. In our experience of supporting automotive companies, the stretching of staff beyond capacity has been a prevailing problem.

Do you feel you struggle with your work-life balance? Before this becomes a potential detriment to the flow of business, we have compiled five tips that we have both utilised in our company and seen prove effective in dealerships we have worked with over the years. Hopefully, they will help clean up your work schedule to benefit your work and life behind the scenes.

Personalise your workspace 

The demands of the automotive industry often mean we spend more time at work than in our own home. Keeping a few creature comforts in your workspace helps bridge this divide and create a more comfortable environment for you to work in. Plus, take a page out of our book and clean, clean, clean! An organised office will ensure you have everything to hand when it is needed, avoiding a mad rush in the busiest periods.

Proactive approach

We pride ourselves on our proactive approach and how this offers relief to dealerships, as their valeting needs are planned for well in advance. Applying this to your day-to-day routine will prove equally beneficial. Keeping an organised calendar and dedicating time for breaks helps you feel more relaxed about your responsibilities. You’ll avoid the dreaded scenario of needing to be in two places at once, while staying confident that all work is being completed bang on schedule.

Delegate or outsource?

Nobody can do it all on their own. A vital step in establishing a healthy work-life balance in your dealership is assigning others responsibility of aspects of the business. Whether you achieve this by training key staff to manage sales, admin, repairs, customer service, etc. or outsource work to trusted specialists is up to you. We fulfil this role in providing comprehensive valeting packages to dealer principals, easing the pressure by guaranteeing this part of their business is routinely monitored and always under control.

Take advantage of automation

When we introduced our workflow management system ValetData, it was designed to allow managers to schedule their valeting service in a timely manner. This automatic process ensures work is completed at the right time and stops unwanted problems, like double-bookings and other headaches. Automation can prove a valuable ally in the battle for a healthy work-life balance, limiting the stress of human error on your business routine.

Step off the gas!

Giving yourself a break is harder than it sounds, particularly in the fluctuating automotive market. But that shouldn’t stop you from arranging days off or a holiday every now and again. Above all else, a short pre-booked holiday will always prove less problematic than imposed breaks due to burnout. So, give yourself some respite and return to your dealership with a clean mind and renewed vigour!

We hope these tips will prove useful in mastering the balancing act between your work and home life. For help finding peace of mind, our bespoke valeting service offers effective assistance. With customers placing a premium on pristine vehicles, our dedicated teams help boost business prospects and ease the burden on managing this key aspect of their company.

Please get in touch if you would like to learn more about our structured service. You can reach us by phone on 01268 56 50 50 or via email at